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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rockets into Israel and the Gaza Strip on the eve of the war

In the Middle East currently all boils down to another war. Palestinian radicals bombard Israel with dozens of rockets. Israel, in turn, is preparing a massive counter-attack.

In the Middle East is growing concern about a new escalation of violence: In response to persistent rocket fire by Palestinian extremists Israel launched a military offensive against the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The "Operation Protective Edge" have "to stop terrorism, Israeli citizens exposed to the daily" goal had, it said in a statement posted via Twitter the army.

Up to 1500 reservists have been mobilized and flown new air strikes early on Tuesday morning. At least nine Palestinians were injured according to official figures from the Gaza Strip while.
Israelis give revenge to
Slugfest with Palestinian militants
After rocket fire from Gaza
Israel's air force flies retaliatory attacks
Violence in the Middle East: New clashes after revenge killing
Violence in the Middle East
New arguments for revenge murder
Nadine Mierdorf site
Israel bombed the Gaza Strip

The conflict simmering since disappeared three weeks ago, Jewish youths in the West Bank and were found eventually murdered. A few hours after her funeral last week, the 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Chdeir was kidnapped, his charred body was later discovered in a forest near Jerusalem.

Investigators had on Sunday six suspects, including minors, were arrested in the case. Three of them would have known the murder of the teenager and the crime readjusted, said a spokesman for Israeli authorities. The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the alleged act of revenge.
Dozens of rockets at Israel

However, the confession could not calm the political aufgeladeneStimmung. Alone on Monday were from the Gaza Strip, at least 70 rockets were fired into southern Israel, including 40 within an hour after dark, said the Israeli army. Add up to 80 kilometers from the Gaza Strip remote areas howled at sirens, hundreds of thousands of Israelis were in fear in their homes.

Israel responded with air attacks in which six extremists of Hamas were killed on Monday. The radical Islamic group gave their number to eight, and vowed retribution. "The enemy will pay a huge price," she said. The Israeli military spokesman Peter Lerner said Israel was "ready for a potential deterioration" in the Gaza Strip after the death of the extremists and "with the ability to intervene militarily in so far as it is necessary."

Accordingly infantry troops are moved to the border with the Gaza Strip. Already in the course of Monday snakes by Israeli tanks and buses were seen in the region, soldiers were running around. In the evening, the streets were deserted in southern Israel. However, has been spotted a truck that had an armored vehicle loaded and was traveling to the border region.
Struggles stoke government crisis

Radical fighters fired in recent weeks, according to Israeli figures, more than 200 rockets and mortars from Gaza into Israel. The United States condemned the firing of rockets. At the same time Washington supported Israel's right to defend itself against these attacks, said Foreign Office spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

The conflict about how Israel should respond to these attacks, threatens the government. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Monday announced the alliance with the Likud party of Prime Minister Netanyahu, because the actions of the government he is too cautious.

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